Saturday, September 09, 2006

The End, Farewell

Hey, it's me ASimWen. I am an old lady now. Yep, have been livin' in this house now for a mite good while. It turns out everyone who ever lived here got what they wanted, or well just about. I reckon we can't count Jennifer and Freddie. I am sure they didn't wanna pass on. But that is the way it goes in the Sim World.

Me an' Harrys' kids are growin' up. I think the last time I talked with ya I had just had the twins, Minerva and Severus. They are in elementary school now. Our girl Cho is in high school. Heh. She is like me, she likes to have lots of parties and make friends. I reckon that is good, look where it got me? I have plenty of love and friends around me alla the time; and I have this great home to live in.

Alice and Norma Jean's boy is a teen-ager too. Danny finally knows for sure who his dad is, and feels comfortable with the knowledge. He has a liking to money. I reckon that is OK too. He will grow up to be bountiful.

Yep, Alice and Norma Jean finally came to their senses and got hitched. This old house saw a wedding to the likes it never had seen before. I went all out to make sure it was all good. Old friends came by that day, plus a couple of new ones.

George left the Cretin to move in with Joy and Freddie Jr. Well, they ended up gettin' hitched too, and had the baby George always wanted, bein' a Family Sim and all. I have a few photos to show you. Well,why don't I just get to it and drag out the photo album, now that you are up to speed on everything.

My girl Normal Jean still spent time crying buckets of tears. Alice was still holdin' the knowledge that he was Danny's father...and was havin' trouble convincin' Norma Jean he knew the truth. He was becomin' real frustrated thinkin' that if only he could crack a hole in that wall she had built around herself he could make her real happy and be a real family with her and Danny.

In the meantime I reckon I got a little impatient with Harry. He had been workin' in the culinary field for a long while and still hadn't reached the top of his career. After all, I reached the top of mine without any help from all the conveniences he now had. My goodness, he could use the energizer, the chocolate machine, the thinking cap, and the noodlesoother hat. I scolded him, told him he was bein' lazy. He even got fat.

Here is a picture of him that isn't too becoming. I mean, I still loved Harry and everything, he just needed a friendly nudge to keep him on track. I found out that even though all the residents of the Asylum Cretin were given a clean bill of health, they still needed some gentle guidance with their lives. Norma Jean couldn't open up to Alice because of the self conscious feelings she had before, and Harry had issues with his job, like he did as a child that sent him to the Cretin in the first place.

Alice and Danny in the meantime continued developing their relationship. Danny seemed to run to Alice everyday when he got off the bus to tell him about his school day. Norma Jean was always off in a corner somewhere crying, or laying in bed sleeping. Like she didn't have time for him.

But Danny was still a happy child. You know how kids have a second intuition? Well, Danny seemed to know everything was gonna be okay. I gotta give him that. Kudos! He didn't let nothin' get him down.

Danny would run next door quite often to Joy and George's to play with Freddie Jr. They became close friends. Yes, Freddie Jr. had a birthday. Like I said before, everyone is growin up.

Here is a picture of Freddie Jr. on his way to the school bus. Tis a shame he never got to meet his dad. Freddie had a voice like a songbird. We can only hope that Freddie Jr. picked up on his dad's musical abilities.

Ol' George didn't waste any time courtin' Joy. Seems like they fell in love almost as soon as he moved in. He got down on one knee and professed his love...

And there you go. They were engaged within a day or two after him movin' in.

Here is a picture of George and Joy tyin' the knot. They decided they didn't want a big wedding, George said he was gettin' too old for that stuff; didn't want to waste any time. Joy said she had already been through that once, didn't need to do it again.

Before you know it, they had a baby together. Looks and awful lot like George, although he has his mother's coloring. I can't right recall at this minute what they named the little tyke.

Cho finally had a birthday. She turned out to be a right pretty girl. She is a partier, like me.

Here is Danny's picture. See the boy in the back ground there? That is Severus. Yes, the twins grew up too, but I don't seem to have their birthday pictures. I reckon I was on strike with the camera that day.

Well, it happened one day Alice just finally got fed up with messin' around with waitin' for Norma Jean to come to her senses. He slipped a note under her door askin' her to put on her finest, and meet him in the flower garden that afternoon. He didn't sign it "Alice". He signed it "From Your Secret Admirer." I reckon Norma Jean was more curious than anything in the world to see who would send her a note like that. So she did it. She dressed up and went to the flower garden at the appointed hour of 3 pm. Alice was waiting on her with a ring. She said yes, and thought the whole thing was a good idea.

Many folks came to the wedding, which we held outside near the flower garden. You can see the twins there, Severus and Minerva. George and Joy came too. Yep, Joy had grown to elder too. My oh my. The man in the middle is one of the Widow clan...from Wen's Black Widow Challenge. Can't right recall his name. Oh see me? There in the back? Yep, I grew up too, right before Alice and Norma Jean recited their vows.

Gad, what an old lady I make!

Well, Alice was nervous right before the wedding. He spent a long time primping in front of the mirror. I reckon he was real concerned about makin' a good impression on Norma Jean.

Norma Jean fixed her self up real nice too. She even went shopping and found a nice gown to wear, (it had a push-up in it...helped her figure some!) and went to the beauty parlor and had her face and hair done. She did manage to find a color that looks good on her, powder blue. The rest of us tried to match the blue theme, but I just couldn't get the men to do it. I grew to elder in a gown that didn't match. I did have one on, before I aged.

Saying their Vows

Kissing the bride

Eating the cake!

I shoulda done what Harry did, and that is wait to age after the wedding nuptials. He did finally reach the top of his career...

Harry is back in the spotlight now. But it doesn't seem as bad doing cooking shows on TV than makin' movies. He is handlin' that OK.

So that is the end of it. Cho ends our story with sweet dreams of her first house party, which was a great success. After all, she has a great teacher!

Everyone is happy. Norma Jean and Alice finally got together as a family with Danny; George and Joy make a good family, George is beside himself havin' two boys to raise, Freddie Jr and his own. Me and Harry? Well, we were happy a long time ago. We were just fortunate it happened first.


Twoyys4me said...

Great finish to the Asylum story Wen! I love how Freddie Jnr looks like his dad!

Rachel said...

Oh such a nice end. Everyones happy!

PRMami said...

Nice ending glad everyone lived happily ever after :)

tktrn99 said...

Great ending...everyone ended on a happy note. Great wedding pictures!

SpongebobTanu said...

What a great wedding and awesome story.

Heather/Simaholic said...

Awww, nice happily ever after. So nice. Glad everyone turned out for the best!

GreeneyeLia said...

Great ending, I just love a happy ending!

Kristine said...

Really enjoyed your asylum challenge!!! You did a wonderful job! I'm glad everyone, or most everyone, had a happy ending :)

Lionessa93 said...

Awwww. Almost didn't want it to end! Ever! But it's a lovely ending, nonetheless. ^_^